How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos Yourself From Scratch

How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos Yourself From Scratch

okay so as you can see it’s about 1.4 to


1.1 million views per day so let’s just

go on the low end

1.1 million views and we multiply that

by 365 days per year

and we multiply that by just

0.1 of a cent per view that gives us

almost just a bit over 400 000 per year

we divide that by 12 and that’s about 33

000 usd a month which actually is very

very close to what it says here

between thirteen thousand to two hundred

and thirteen thousand per month

hi everyone in today’s video i will show

you how to make

thirty thousand dollars per month by

simply re-uploading

youtube videos i’m also including

complete step-by-step instructions so

make sure you watch this video all the

way through to the end and by the end of

this video you will know

what you need to do to start making

money on youtube without

creating your own videos from scratch hi

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alright so first of all as always i want

to show you

the concept so that you understand the

big picture and how this actually works

then i’m going to break it down step by

step for you give you every single step

or exactly how to implement this method

every day hundreds of millions of people

jump onto youtube

and they type in keywords such as

meditation music for example and

you can see that this kind of videos

meditation music videos

they get a lot of views you can see this

one here 233 million views

20 million views 12 million views this

is a live stream with 5 000 people

watching this right now 7.5 million


3 million views etc so there is huge


for these kind of videos and there are

lots of different related keywords that


actually put in so for example they

might put in meditation music

sleep meditation music for anxiety

meditation music for kids etc

now this is sort of one niche for the

meditation music stuff

there are also relaxation music

okay so a lot of people are looking for

relaxation music relaxation music for

sleep for example

and once they type this in and they see

all of these videos a lot of them will

go ahead and view this

and if we open any of these videos

here in an incognito window you can see

that there is an ad that plays before i

get to see the video

now the owner of this channel so the

person who runs the soothing relaxation


will get paid every time somebody

watches this ad

okay so this is called youtube adsense

or youtube ad revenue and this is how a

lot of these channels make really really

good money from adsense

this here is an example of my personal

earnings with adsense so

over the last 365 days i have made

56 400 us dollars

from youtube ads revenue that’s just

from people watching my videos

and um these ads being shown passively


my videos now as you know youtube is

actually my side project

i don’t do youtube full-time i’ve got

other projects that i do

but this is a very very nice amount of

money that youtube just pays me because

people continually watch my content i

only make about five to six videos

per month on average so i don’t make

very many videos

so how much do these channels earn well

let’s take a look at this channel in a

bit more detail this soothing relaxation

channel and what we can do is take this

code kind of from their url so their

link or their nickname on youtube and we

can head over to

this website that’s called socialblade


for socialblade you can actually run so

you can go into this youtube section and


enter youtube username so we just go

like this and enter it in

and that will give us all of their stats

so you can check pretty much anyone’s

any channel stats on socialblade and we

can see here that this channel

gets anywhere from 2 to three

million views per day i mean this is

insane two to three million views per


and this particular channel actually

makes anywhere from 26

to 426 000

per year just from people watching the


on their videos and their relaxation and

their meditation videos

i mean this is really really good money

26 grand you can see that the range here


huge between 26 to 426

per month okay that’s per month and

uh per year that’s anywhere from 300 to

5 million of course this is a massive

massive range

but this is just because social blade

when they do their calculations they

take into account

from the lowest known payout to the

creator to the highest okay so on the

low end

it’s about 26 grand a month you know

maybe it’s even even a tiny bit lower

but still we’re looking at well over 10

grand a month that this channel is most

likely making

now let’s take a look at exactly how

they make their videos so let’s open up

these 233 million views video

and if we look at it there is

nobody is on camera so there is no one

that actually is

in the video it’s just images and

some of them are images some of them are

videos just like that which you can see

here on the screen

okay and if we go into the description

and scroll all the way to the bottom we

can see here that

it actually says that footage and photos

are licensed from

videoblocks now if we go over to


and we open this up you will see that

this is basically a website where you

can get access to

royalty free videos alright so it says

here royalty free

video for creators and you can buy all

of this footage

and you can use it in your videos

storyblocks is a service where you have

to pay a monthly subscription fee but

i’m going to show you

that there are other ways that you can

actually download these videos in these

footage and that is from pexel’s video

so you can go to

and choose videos at the top and then we

can start entering our for example


alright so here you can see that if i

type in nature

we get 10.5 000 different videos and if

we preview this video

it’s beautiful footage of just forest

and you know there are 10.5

000 of different videos that you can use


pack sales is actually free so you can


all of these videos in your relaxation

videos and you can stitch them all


and you don’t have to pay anything you

can even see right here if you scroll


it says free to use now guys i know that

i’m going to get a lot of questions


these kind of videos that are produced

from royalty free content

are allowed to be monetized and look at

this youtube officially

they updated this recently and they’ve

made it very very clear that yes

you can as long as you’ve got the right

license okay so for example

here we can see that guidelines for

content you created

it says here that you need to follow

youtube community guidelines and make

sure that you own

all the necessary rights to commercially

use all the visuals created

more specifically just below they’re

clarifying it further and it says

can i monetize my video if okay and then

it says i use

royalty-free or creative common comments


and it says yes you can you can monetize

relative free or creative commons


if the license agreement grants you

rights to use it commercially

so as long as you get the

content with proper rights that allows

you to use it on youtube

then you can get monetized and so let’s

go back to the search here for and check if the license

allows us to use it or not

so let’s open up for example this video

here a beautiful video of

you know stars and mountains and if we

open up this info

here we can see that it’s free to use

and no attribution is required so the

license allows us 100

allows us to use it any way we want if

we click this link to learn more about

the license you can see that it’s

creative commons

okay so creative commons images giving

credit to the photographer

is not required but appreciated so this

is a creative commons license

and if we go back here to youtube

guidelines it says

creative commons content you can

monetize creative commons content so

there are no problems

at all the next point i would like to

clarify is this one here it contains

music from the youtube audio library

it says you can monetize music from the

youtube audio library so you can

actually go

into the youtube audio library and you


download and reuse the the music that

youtube provides you with

now inside the audio library you will

find thousands and thousands of tracks

that you can use so here we can go by

genre and we can choose ambient which is

the relaxation style and then we choose

apply and you will see

that there are tons and tons of images

that you can use so here i’ve got

100 per per page and there are many many

many many many

many dozens of pages of different

relaxation tracks

that you can use to overlay on top of

these free videos

so there is no cost for anything if you

want to follow this method

and start reposting re-uploading these

videos onto youtube to create your own

relaxation and meditation channel okay

so let’s go through this step-by-step

and i’m going to show you how you can do

this so first of all you want to create

youtube channel so you can just google

that if you don’t have a youtube channel


click this first result create youtube

channel and go through all of the


to sign into google and then to actually

create your youtube channel when it

comes to

choosing your youtube channel name it’s

a good idea to

put in something into the channel name

that actually

specifies what your channel is about so

you will notice that the most popular

channels here

have got the words relaxation for

example in them it says soothing


relaxing music nova relaxing music sleep

tube for example as well which also

makes it very clear that this is a

relaxing channel so the best thing to do

is to go into youtube and type in the

searches that are related to your niche

whether you go for meditation or

relaxation or some nature videos

and have a look at what kind of names

others have chosen and then give your

channel a similar name so instead of

just naming it for example greg


you might want to name it something like

relax with greg

or meditate with greg or a similar name

that way

it’s better for seo so your search

engine optimization within youtube


because your channel name contains a

clue what the

the channel is about and also it’s

easier for other people to remember when

they visually scan the different

channels they’ll know that your channel

is a dedicated

meditation channel or relaxation channel

step two in the process

is to find some keywords on which you

can make videos

and to do that we can use google keyword

planner tools so you can just google for

that it’s completely free to use

and once you’re inside google keyword

planner tool

you will need to choose this option

start with keywords so here we can enter

some starting keywords as an example i’m

going to start with relaxation videos

and relaxation music

four locations here make sure that

you’ve got at least united states and

india selected you can also enter uh

other large countries but this is

usually enough for me to start working


that’s where majority of the viewers on

youtube are and if we click get results

that will give us the some of the other

keyword ideas that we can go for all

right so here we’ve got a bunch of

keywords we’ve got meditation music

sleep music coming music soft music

relaxing piano music and other ideas

that you would have never thought of


now you’ve got ideas for how you can

title different videos so whenever you

create and upload a new video

you can give it a slightly different

title because you now know that people

are searching for that here on youtube

so you can create a video on

relaxing piano music then your next

video can be titled relaxing sleep music

your next video can be titled relaxing

spa music etc and you will notice that

that’s what the other channels are doing

and you can also get some ideas for

keywords from them as well just by

browsing their videos

you can see that this particular video

is targeting the keyword calming piano


this video is targeting the keyword

beautiful instrumental music so people

will be

entering that into google they will be

saying beautiful

instrumental music see it’s actually

coming up as a suggested

keyword so beautiful instrumental music


you can even further break it down by

saying beautiful instrumental music for


beautiful instrumental music violence

beautiful instrumental music for


so you can create videos that have these

in their title and in their description

to increase the chances that your video

is going to get recommended in the

youtube search results

for example if we enter one of them

beautiful instrumental music violin into

youtube search you can see that video

number two that comes up

is from a small channel this is this

channel has only got 14.2

000 subscribers and they made this video

one year ago so

probably when they made this video i

would say that they had almost no


and they’re still managing to rank so

that means that there is plenty of

opportunity for

anyone really to start a brand new

channel and to start making money on

youtube by doing this

okay step three is to actually create

the videos so

let’s do this step by step first of all

head over to

and then you will want to enter a search

that is related to

the video idea that you’re trying to

produce so you can type in things like


waterfalls okay so let’s just type in

waterfalls for example

and we will see everything that comes up

just make sure that at the top you


videos like that and then you will get

all of the different

videos that you can use so after that

you’ll need to download

several videos so let’s download a

couple here okay so here at the bottom

we can see that it is free to use always

make sure that you check

and the license actually allows you to

use it

and some of them may require attribution

so just kind of be aware of this because

if they want attribution you will need


make sure that you mention that in the

uh in your video

that um you’re giving attribution to the


now once you’ve found a video that you

like okay we can see that this one is

about 30 seconds long

we want to download this so here at the

top just go free download

and we can save this as something like

waterfalls one

okay so that’s going to be our first

video that we’re gonna use so you can

download a bunch of these videos

then we can go and download for example

some nature videos as well so i’m just

going to click download here

and i’m going to call it nature1 and

then you can download a bunch of nature


then you can head over to youtube audio

library and download

some tracks that sound relaxing and

sound like you want to include them so

for example this whispering dream

i can listen to this and if i like it

and i think that this will work for the


i can download this so just click

download i can call it something like

relax music one so let’s hit save and

you can do this to a bunch

of these tracks you’ll want to make your

video about the same length as the other

videos here on the front page so you can

see that these videos here

are anywhere from seven minutes to three

hours or two and a half hours

so download enough music to fill that up

you can do all of your editing

afterwards in a free

software called hitfilm express just

type that into google

and get the free version of hitfilm

express once you’re inside heat film

express click this button here new


and set up your project don’t worry

about the duration you can always cut it

shorter afterwards and for frame rate

you want to set at least

30 you can even go with 60 but 30 works

pretty well

make sure that your width and height is

as set as

1920 by 1080 that will give you the

ratio that youtube likes

and then we can click ok hit film

express is pretty easy to use you can of

course watch tutorials there are tons of

tutorials on youtube that are completely

free and the software is free so it’s


awesome but basically you need to drop

all of your

clips and music into media and then you

just need to arrange them into a

timeline i’m going to show you quickly

how to do this so you choose media here

on the left hand side so i’ve got my

files here the nature file waterfalls

file and relaxation music

you should of course if you’re trying to

create a longer video you should have a

bunch of them but

just for the to save you time i’m going

to do this with just these three

so now that they’re here i can arrange

them into the timeline so i’m going to


this first one let’s start with the

waterfall for example and i’m going to

drop it here

into the timeline where it says video 1

and audio one

it’s telling me that the project

settings are different from the clip

settings i want to

it says do you want to change the edit

the sequences settings to match the clip

i’m going to say no because i want to

keep it in 1920 and 30 fps

this clip is probably recorded in 60 fps

but we don’t need that now i’m going to

do it with the second video okay so i’m

just going to place it right after

and we’ve got our two

videos one after another now i’m going

to take the music now you can see that

this one here actually has got some

audio attached already so i want to

disconnect it and i want to delete the

audio because we’re going to have our

own audio on this to do that you can

right click

and then you can choose this option

unlink and now i can choose

just the audio part and i can hit delete

on my keyboard and

it’s gone now let’s take this relaxation


and we can put it here and you can

adjust the

length of it to match the length of your

video of course

we’re going to have a very short video

of like a minute but you need to build

up your video by inserting more clips

and adding more music this is how

you can do that just using hitfilm

express software

that’s it our video is ready to go so

i’m just gonna play this to you it

actually sounds really good and looks

really good i’m gonna take the

headphones and put them next to the mic

here so you can hear how it goes




all right so you can see let me pause


you can see that it’s transitioning you

can hear the music it looks beautiful

looks really really good

so now that it’s completed within heat

film express we can export it into an

mp4 file to do that you need to choose

your timeline and then go into file and

hit export and here you can give it a

name i’m just going to call it project

mp4 is the preset that you want and hit

save and this will now go ahead and it

will export

your project you can see that we’ve now

got a file that’s one minute and seven

seconds long

but you should of course create a longer

one by using more

audio tracks and more video files the

next step is to create a thumbnail

your video needs to have an attractive

thumbnail and the best way to come up

with an idea

for a thumbnail is to have a look at

other people’s thumbnails and see which

thumbnails seem to attract a lot of


for example someone might not want to

see this

guaranteed sleep in 12 minutes but they

might want to watch

some videos about the ocean or some

videos about

nature so these kind of thumbnails seem

to be working quite well for the

relaxation niche so you can do that by

using a software called canva once

you’re inside canva it’s free to sign up

there is

just use the free plan that you don’t

need the professional plan

type in youtube and you can create

youtube thumbnail it will come

with default settings and default size

for it once you’ve got this open you can

go to photos and

click search and just type in something

like nature and that’ll bring up a bunch

of cool

images that you can use once again those

are completely free just make sure that

you’re choosing an image that says free

and not pro like this one is a pro image

so you need to actually pay a dollar for

it but there are a lot of free images

that you can use

so something like this one actually

looks super relaxing to me so i can just

drag and drop it here

and this can be the thumbnail you can

play around and find other images you


also upload your own images if you

or other downl free sites once this is

ready just simply click download and

then download it as a png

image from here go ahead and upload your


and you will need to make sure that you

write good description

and you also write a good title so if

you are going for the keyword that says

relaxing spa music for example okay or

relaxing jazz

or music to sleep or relaxing nature


you have to make sure that when you’re

uploading when you’re actually creating

a video you’re entering that

into the title as well as into the first

three lines of the description so you’ll

notice that this video for example is

probably going for

amazing nature scenery that’s probably

one of the key words that it’s targeting

and it’s they’ve got that in the title

three hours of amazing nature scenery

they also have that in the description

enjoy three hours of a major image

amazing nature scenery and they also

have got it further down in the

description again says thank you for


by taking you on a journey with amazing

nature scenery and relaxing music okay

so they’re

mentioning it several times in the title

and in the description and in fact

if you use an extension and it’s called

vidiq it’s a free extension it shows you

the tags on this video

they also gave it in in a tag they’ve

entered amazing amazing nature scenery

so i know that they’re targeting this

particular keyword with this video

if you do want to use the same extension

you can get it it’s vidiq just type in

vidiq free and you can get a free


for your browser that extension will

show you these video tags that i can see

on the right hand side here

so here is a quick summary guys you will

need to create videos on the different


that we discussed and i showed you how

to get those keywords you will need to

create videos and different keywords

because this way you’re going to

maximize the chance that

your video will come up when somebody is

searching for it on youtube

so put those keywords into the title and

into the description

put that keyword so each video needs to

target a different keyword you might

make a video

on relaxation nature videos on amazing

nature scenery

on relaxing piano music etc

you will need to need to make anywhere

from 50 to 100 videos to really get


i’m not going to lie to you and say that

you you can make five videos and you’re

going to become rich it just doesn’t

happen on youtube

it did not happen to me it has not

happened to anybody

else i know and i know a lot of

youtubers who are successful

it takes work you need to make you need

to commit to it and you need to make

a lot of videos generally takes between

50 and 100 videos before you can find


but don’t forget that you don’t need to

make your own videos here you can just

reuse other people’s videos and reuse

other people’s music okay and you can if

you can commit to it you can make a


per day or video every couple of days or

maybe one video per week and you can get

there within

a few months you can generally start

getting good traction on your channel

once you have got 4 000 watch hours and

you can get that

through youtube analytics once you have

got 4 000 watch hours

which is not a lot believe me it happens

quickly you can apply for monetization

and once you’ve got your channel

monetized you can start showing those

ads and start making that revenue and if

you want to get my youtube training and

mentoring program it’s on a 35

discount right now so you can check the

links in the description below

in this program i show you how to start

a successful youtube channel study from

complete zero

and grow it to ten thousand dollars a

month or more thank you so much for

watching here are a couple of videos

that i suggest you watch next to learn

more about different methods to make

money online

and make sure that you are subscribed to

my channel just click the link in the

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enable all notifications this way you’ll

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thank you so much i’ll see you soon

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